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BlueWing Cargo Movers & Logistics

BlueWing Cargo Movers & Logistics is one of the best fast-growing and Govt. Recognized Company in Pune (India), functioning, particularly for the Logistics and Relocation services. Incepted by the vision and hard efforts of individuals, the company moved ahead towards the path of growth. This evolution takes place on the solid grounds of expansion in terms of proficient and customer-satisfactory services. We have followed the principles of growth ever since our inception.


UDYAM REG. NO.: UDYAM-MH-26-0008440

MSME REG. NO.: MH26D0056683



Our Services:

BlueWing Cargo Movers & Logistics has pushed the limits of the logistics and supply chain management industry. We provide thousands of products for customers who are focused on finding the best shipping solution. See how…


Industry Solutions:

    • Automotive
    • Chemicals
    • Consumer Goods
    • Defense & Government
    • Household Goods
    • Technology
    • Industrial
    • Oil & Gas
    • Pharma & Life Science
    •  Retail & Goods


About Us:

Our persistent efforts and hard work have made us today the foremost and unparalleled service provider in the Logistics & Relocation industry. We not only provide the best services for logistics & relocation but also provide superlative Logistics services incorporate as well as international shifting divisions wherever required. Our business conglomerate which has a diversified interest in Logistics & Relocation (nationally as well as internationally), Transportation, Warehousing and Storage, Supply Chain, ODC Transportation, and other related activities. We possess a fleet of vehicles, ultra-secure warehouses. We are having self-owned branches & associate branches in all over India with self-owned offices in various cities serving various destinations within India. Our growth has been remarkable and rapid. With inception followed by extensive growth, BlueWing has emerged as India’s reputed Logistics & Relocation Services. We have never lacked behind to update ourselves technologically and provide proficient services to our customers. We are characterized by growth and innovation. Our aim has always been to provide systematic shifting of goods which is reliable and free of any hassles. We have therefore incorporated the use of packing materials of high standards and advanced techniques in the overall procedure of shifting. We have effectively adapted ourselves in the era of globalization where there is continuous demand of people for shifting their goods either nationally or internationally. Thus, we are providing best services to our customers at all times. BlueWing is known for the timely and quality delivery of goods with perfection and providing excellent & best quality services to its customers with affordable rates. We do also strive to build strong business relationships with our clients. Thus you can trust us blindly for any of the above assignments desired by you and be rest assured about your valuable belongings. We are assuring best services to their customers and are desirous of maintaining business relations on a long term basis with their customers. Our profile consists of elements that further justify the reason why we, BlueWing Cargo Movers are the best in the industry.

    • The complete online solution which is flexible and saves time & money.
    • Use of Standard Packing Material & Experienced Team-packing/stacking crew.
    • Value-added services and Tracking of Assets feedback.
    • Licensed and Reliable Drivers. Insured Crew & Vehicles
    • Transparency, Honesty & Honoring the quoted price without deviation.


What we stand for:

At BlueWing Cargo Movers Logistics, we provide viable, cost-effective technology-enabled solutions with the most challenging logistics & relocation services. Our approach focuses on how we deliver operational excellence right from the booking of your goods and until the delivery of the same. We reciprocate through our work entirely with a progressive mindset. “YOU TRUST US, WE CARE” Whether a small, medium or a large business, we cater to every technological need for your need with a modern touch, keeping the world in motion. Moderate Thinking: We always look for innovative ideas to address the challenges that our customers face now and will face tomorrow. We aren’t afraid to look at situations from new angles and we put our insights into action.


Why choose us?

At BlueWing we provide solutions delivering Logistics & Relocation solutions that are vital to the success of the companies and people we serve. We are a global provider of logistics & relocation services. We address logistics & relocation challenges facing individuals, small companies and complex multinational organizations.


Our commitment to you

Whether you’re an individual looking at us for logistic relocations solutions and are in need of innovative solutions for you, we’re looking out for you. We tailor our solutions to your needs and your goals. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations. We constantly strengthen and enhance our services to meet the changing needs of the people we serve, and we provide products and services that are truly superior.



We have established a well-connected network in all self-owned offices all Over India to facilitate our customers & to provide the best services. We have invested a lot in having all our offices equipped with computerized systems online so as to make our services technologically advanced, accurate and skillful. This development allows customers from all parts of the country to reach us for their shifting requirements. Customized packing materials for safe packing and transportation of goods are made available at all our centers. For safe and easy loading and unloading of goods, we have a large number of Forklifts, Trolleys other similar equipment. As a part of security measures we have updated our ware-houses with tight security systems and are under CCTV surveillance for the safeguarding of the stored goods.

We aim to delight customers with quality service by setting new trends through innovative technology and be a globally preferred Logistics & Relocation service provider in the logistics industry. Be the most trusted organization for all stakeholders. Be a responsible corporate citizen with an unwavering commitment to environmental protection and conservation.



BlueWing Cargo Movers & Logistics values the key driving forces that help us to align our organization towards customer sensitivity and deliver beyond customer’s expectations. They encompass our attitude, behavior, action and delivery promise. These values continue to direct the growth and business of BlueWing Cargo Movers & Logistics. We value underpinning the ways we do business are:



To promote teamwork & create a work environment encouraging the workforce to continuously strive for quality & excellence, providing high-quality service to customers under one roof.


Quality service:

We are an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Logistics & Relocation service provider resolved to give quality logistics & Relocation services reliably, at a sensible cost and to ceaselessly enhance the same to enchant clients on a reasonable premise.


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